Our Approach

CompassRose was founded to address a problem common to many organizations: the divide between "subject matter experts" and "technologists".

We have met countless experts who are curious about how technology can enhance their work, but who lack the time, mandate or technical aptitude to explore this further.

We also know many engineers who see huge potential for technology innovation within their organizations, but who struggle to win support for prototyping, testing and implementation.

Our mission is to bridge the gap by:

  • Engaging directly with your teams to help identify headwinds and opportunities.
  • Translating those into technology solutions that¬†align with your organization's capacity, scale and long-term objectives.
  • Working alongside your teams to adopt and embed new technologies in their day-to-day workflows.
  • Equipping you to take ownership of new solutions, building internal capacity and a roadmap for continued technology innovation.

We know research and analytical teams can become much more effective, efficient and collaborative by leveraging technology. We take pride in helping make that happen.

Our Story

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